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Gaby McPherson

This comprehensive, in-depth training covers:

How you get the information you need to write an email sequence 

How to use that information to write an email sequence that clients absolutely love 

How to use AI like ChatGPT to your advantage and let it do a lot of research for you so that you can spend your time on fun stuff 

How to use advanced email strategies like segmenting and tagging to get even better results for clients 

How to combine different types of email sequences within an overarching email strategy so that your clients think you're a freaking GENIUS and can't live without you 

How to create email sequence packages AND how to price them so that you don't worry about charging too much or too little 

How to actually GET clients AND turn one project into recurring revenue in your business AND sell complementary services to clients

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How to fool the Internet into spitting business email addresses into a handy spreadsheet, so your client list is ready to go in 15 mins. 

Exactly what to say when you reach out to clients, what to put in the subject line, when to follow up, what to do if you don’t have samples, AND MORE 

How to use Social Media the SMART WAY to find businesses to pitch – without disappearing down a rabbit hole and realizing an hour has passed and you’ve achieved nothing.


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Learn the skills you need to:

Ditch the toxic job. 
Leave the bad marriage. 

Be present for your kids.  
Work around therapy schedules for kids with special needs.  
Pay for therapies that insurance doesn’t cover. 
Say yes to vacations, tutors, clubs, lessons, mortgages, and more.

"Holy crap balls. My mind is blown. Thank you for all of this."

Annie Foley
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